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Nhu is a seasoned creative with an eye for design and the acumen for development. She specializes in UI/UX Design, Web Design and Development, User Flow Mapping, Wireframing, Prototyping, Information Architecture Design and Game Design. After leaving the world of finance, Nhu pursued her passion for building modern, cutting-edge websites for the new economy.

She understands that in today’s digital age, websites are often a client’s first impression of a business. Using a people-centered approach, Nhu expertly taps into her clients’ needs and is able to skillfully translate their vision into a product that excels in both function and form. Nhu utilizes her deep understanding of technology and leverages its capacity while simultaneously breaking the mold through superb design principles. She routinely exceeds clients’ expectations by personally overseeing all aspects of a project and applying a precise attention to detail to all of her work.

Constantly learning, Nhu stays on top of new technology developments and design trends. This empowers her to provide her clients with a sophisticated, modern design that is at the forefront of technology.

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